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    An Open Letter to the CSAC


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    An Open Letter to the CSAC

    Post  AskAFighter on Mon May 30, 2011 4:52 pm

    Dear CSAC
    Since the ban on interclub tournaments, I believe the affect on the Muay Thai community has been toxic. Fighters and coaches have to beg promoters to throw them on a semi-pro card, just so their fighters can get enough experience. Attracting new blood into the sport has been made further difficult because spending $40 on a show with headgear and shin pads is unattractive. By not allowing gyms to throw shows, by not allowing beginners to get the kind of experience they need, the CSAC has effectively cut the growth of the Muay Thai community by a significant amount.

    While newer fighters have not experienced this, amateur cards used to mean you had the option of no shin pads or head gear. It was the second step in the progression as a fighter -- you gain experience fighting in interclub tournaments, and when your coach thought you were ready, he or she got you on a Sanctioned Card. By allowing fighters to come in with experience, the shows were more exciting, the match ups weren't as lopsided, and it allowed fighters to build their base, bringing more people and more fans to the event.

    I understand the need for regulation -- people get hurt in this sport. If not properly regulated, underground shows where the Muay Thai community is out of the loop may result in grave injury. I understand that the ban on interclub tournaments was to weed out these kinds of shows -- even though, respectively, we have been doing interclub tournaments for YEARS without much issue. But with the bans on Prajiets (arm bands) and limiting the time a fighter can do a wai kru just goes to show how little the CSAC knows about our sport. Banning Prajiets and limiting Wai Kru's is fine if a card has 25 fights and the promoter is trying to churn them out. But banning them at shows were the main focus is on Muay Thai is just offensive. You would never ban a karate fighter from wearing a belt because it keeps on slipping off. While the CSAC may be the "authority" on combat sport, there are better people suited for the job. (Arjan Rex, Kru Nokweed, Kru Puk, etc.)

    With that said, the Muay Thai community needs regulation. I believe that we as a community can and should do a better job than the CSAC when it comes to protecting our fighters, and we can find a way to let real Muay Thai -- not kickboxing -- flourish. When I saw CAMO (the MMA non profit) allow its fighters to go in with no shin pads and no head gear, it seemed that the CSAC has been inconsistent. Although MMA and Muay Thai are different sports, allowing no head gear and shin pads in an MMA fight, and mandating head gear and shin pads in a Muay Thai fight shows a bias toward our sport. If the CSAC allows us the authority to regulate ourselves, we can stoke the fires of our growth, and allow Muay Thai shows to be Muay Thai shows.

    Please let us know exactly what needs to be done in order for us to regulate ourselves. I know this cannot be accomplished without time, however, 4 years with no regulating body has to be taxing on the CSAC as it is for us.

    Thank you for reading,

    -Yilen Pan

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    Re: An Open Letter to the CSAC

    Post  King Coconut on Mon May 30, 2011 6:08 pm

    Well written my friend. I would refrain from insulting them outright though, for example: "To say that the CSAC is an authority on regulating Muay Thai is just ridiculous".

    I feel it would be better to recommend that they bring on experienced Muay Thai authorities because you feel that perhaps their decisions about the Prajoud and Wai Kru were made because they have little understanding of their importance to the tradition of Muay Thai. Thus, bringing on people such as Arjan Rex, Kru Nokweed, Kru Puk, etc.. either as part of CSAC or simply as advisers could help bridge this gap between the CSAC and the Muay Thai community.

    I think its an uphill battle though man. I firmly believe that the Athletic Commissions have an alternate agenda to that of the well being of fighters, coaches, and the sport. I think a majority of these people could care less about the sports they regulate but rather see their tenure at the athletic commission as a stepping stone into other public office. Therefore, they are susceptible to influence from third parties, i.e. people who favor MMA or just don't like combat sports in general.

    There was a great article written by Pat Miletich in a fight magazine a while back (don't recall which one exactly) but he discussed all the bureaucracy that occurs within these commissions in better detail. Basically, people with no experience whatsoever becoming judges or referees for MMA or Kickboxing events simply because they knew someone on the regulatory board. I'm not saying all commissions are like this but I feel that the majority, sadly are.

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