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    Welcome to Muay Talk! (and Forum Rules)

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    Admin - Head Nakmuay

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    Welcome to Muay Talk! (and Forum Rules)

    Post  King Coconut on Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:15 pm

    Hello everyone and welcome to Muay Thai is Life's Discussion Board, also known as Muay Talk. We hope that you will enjoy being part of the newest Muay Thai community on the Web. Muay Thai is Life is determined to be the new name in Muay Thai related news and media.

    As with everything there are some rules so please READ CAREFULLY

    1. Please no post "whoring". This basically means, no posts that read "ok", "cool", "whatever", blank posts, or are simply monosyllabic responses that add nothing to the discussion.

    2. No profanity in thread topics.

    3. Please keep the use of profanities to a minimum, we won't be too harsh on this unless you are just being outright disrespectful and flaming another user incessantly. We understand discussion can become heated, but please keep this site civilized.

    4. No making posts that are designed to cause computer problems.

    5. Do not by any means post links or videos of any recently shown Pay-Per-View event or fight...UFC etc... We do not want to get sued. Fighter tribute highlights are ok.

    6. If you have the results of an event not yet shown on US pay-per-view, *SPOILER* must be in the thread title.

    7. Copyright infringement. If a site posts an interview or article, please post a link to it, do not cut and paste the entire article and post it.

    8. No nudity on this site. No nipples, female or male genitalia, etc...anyway you should know what is acceptable and what isn't.

    A first offense against one of the above rules will get your post count reduced and an Administrator will give you a warning, which means you will not be able to enter any of the multimedia sections or post any new topics. A second offense will get you banned!

    Offenses that will result in an immediate BAN!

    9. Those of us that are on the Muay Thai is Life staff come from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds, therefore any hateful racist comments will cause you to be banned immediately!

    10. Trolling --> posting ridiculous, racist, disturbing comments, images, or links. Anything that is posted to deliberately start an argument with another user or users.

    11. Posting Porn images, links, or videos (not just nudity, I mean outright porn)

    Thank you for reading through the rules, please do your best to abide by them and make this a pleasant experience for everyone.

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