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    Fighting Nutrition

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    Fighting Nutrition

    Post  jaipetch on Tue May 31, 2011 10:00 am

    in the past few months i have taken an active interest in educating myself more on a fighters nutrition. for years i would cut my calories far to low and was miserable but have found that even with a higher daily caloric intake, with proper planning of meals and timing that i could still lose weight and most, if not all, from fat.

    a few questions to start it off:

    does anyone have any good websites for nutrient efficient meals?

    what are some of your favorite "fighter in training" meals?

    what are some favorite go-to meals when eating out? any places in particular?

    Nesquick 16oz milk (choc or strawberry) is a great post workout drink with a good carb to protein ratio that has good amount of potassium...and tastes amazing!

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